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2016 Price Increase


Preventive Service Agreements


We recently mailed a letter to all of our Preventive Service Agreement Customers. This letter was to inform you of an upcoming change to the price of our Preventive Service Agreement. After much consideration and number crunching, we've come up with what we consider to be an easier pricing structure. This structure not only helps cover the rising costs we continue to manage, but it is also much more efficient for our business.


To make the adjustment easier, we will be doing two small increases over the next 3 years. Beginning this Fall, the first price increase will go into effect. If you’re currently billed in the Spring, your price change will take effect in Spring 2017. The second price increase will not be implemented until the Spring of 2018, at which time we’ll notify you by letter.




1st System

$140.00*^ Annually


Each Additional System

$100.00*^ Annually


Out of Town Additional Rate

$65.00* Annually


*plus tax, ^price includes standard filters only. Pleated and high efficiency filters are an additional cost.


We hope that you understand how hard we work to avoid price increases, and that when they do happen, they are necessary. Please feel free to contact us here, if you would like to give us your feedback concerning this matter.


Hourly Service Rates (During Regular Business Hours)


In the past, we charged a first hour service rate and a lower rate for each additional hour. Effective immediately, we will be charging the same standard rate for each hour of service performed.


This change does not affect our After Hours Service Rates.





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